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Benefits of Becoming a Teacher

We all know that teaching is a great career and a noble profession. This career also has some benefits which are perhaps not associated with other professions. Let’s have a look on benefits which you a person gains being a teacher:

  • Mostly individuals who pursue teaching as a career have a specific passion and goal in their mind. So this career gives them the right platform to express and share their passion and expertise with others as well.
  • Becoming a teacher will also enable you to play an active role in others’ life and inspiring them. These “others” mostly rather always are students. When you share your knowledge with students, you manage to influence them in a positive way which also enables them to shape their character.
  • Teachers create a significant difference in lives of students. For a particular student, a teacher might be the only person who has trust in him and encourages him to give the best. In this way, you can bring change in a kid’s life everyday being his teacher.
  • Being a teacher, you can bring some changes in classroom and whole education process which you wished when you were a student.
  • You can change future of education being a teacher. When you get enough experience as a teacher, you are asked to mentor new teachers. In this way, you can share your experiences, wisdom and knowledge with new staff members. By teaching new things to new staff members, you will also influence education of those students who will have that new staff member as their teacher.
  • Teachers also have an opportunity to enjoy new experiences every year. Since new students replace old ones at start of new academic year, teachers get a chance to teach new students and enjoy different joys and challenges as well. In this field, you will never get bored of monotony.
  • Teachers also have to work only for a reasonable number of hours. In other professions, you may have to work for 10 to 12 hours but teaching job is just for 6 or maximum 8 hours. Teaching profession gives you more time to spend with your family. Teachers can also use this time to study further for getting better jobs.
  • Teachers also enjoy job security as there is no downsizing and layoffs like in industries.
  • Summer vacations are not only an attraction for students but for teachers as well. Teachers enjoy vacations of almost two months. Some teachers use this time to travel while some others start doing additional courses to earn more money.

  Being a teacher not only renders you many benefits but also bless you with a satisfaction of changing lives of students in a positive way.

Tips for Teaching Job Interview

If you just have graduated, you will be seeking a job for a teacher. But getting a job as a teacher is not as easy because most of the institutes demand experienced teachers. In such situation, you can only get a job by impressing your interviewer. You can do so by answering all the questions appropriately and confidently. Here are some general tips for teaching job interview:

  • First of all create teacher portfolio to take it on interviews. Place all documents in a quality folder to keep all things together.
  • First way to impress an interviewer is to dress appropriately. Wear a nice and clean dress when going for a teaching job interview. You can also get a nice haircut to enhance you looks. If you are a man, please shave nicely. If you do not want to shave trim hair to get a nice look. Also check details about other accessories like shoes. You should look like a professional by your entire appearance.
  • Arrive early on interview venue but do not arrive too early. You should be there about ten minutes before actual time given to you.
  • Try to get some information about your potential employer. Carefully read their mission statement so that you can answer interview questions with reference to the purpose of institute.
  • Foresee the questions which may be asked along with their answers which you will give. For having a look on sample questions, you can also search online to have an idea what might be asked.
  • Get prepared to speak to a panel of teachers because teacher interview often takes form of a team interview. After walking into room, introduce yourself to all persons by shaking hand and making eye contact. Do not give a dead fish handshake and do not let your eye contact develop into a stare either. Be a good listener and listen to their names carefully and try to remember their designations.
  • Answer all questions positively and avoid mockery. You should be honest and not try to lie as your lies will definitely sound different and will go against you.
  • You will also be asked about your favorite lesson so be prepared to talk much about it. Make sure your favorite lesson is student centered.
  • You should also prepare some questions which you will ask. At the end of interview, you will be asked if you also have some questions. You can ask questions about hiring process, need for supporting documents, demo lesson etc.

Sample Interview Questions for Teaching Applicants

Here some sample interview questions are given which are mostly asked from teaching candidates. It is not necessary that interviewer will ask every question given below but if you will prepare answers of these questions, you will be able to leave a good impression.

  • How and why did you decide to become a teacher?
  • What do you want to do in your life?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Are you a compassionate person? Give example.
  • Are you an objective person? Explain your answer with example.
  • Are you a positive and energetic person? (Back up your answer with example)
  • Describe three of your strong points?
  • List three of your weaknesses as a teacher?
  • What was the most frustrating thing that happened to you when you were student?
  • What was the best thing you feel when you were student?
  • If I were your principal and we were setting goals for school, what would your suggestions be?
  • If a student says that you are the worst teacher he ever had, what would be your reaction?
  • How would you rank these in importance? Give reason of your answer. Planning, methods, evaluation and discipline
  • How can you tell me that a person is a good listener?
  • How would you react if a student fails to meet deadline?
  • It is your first day in class and you are writing something on whiteboard. A paper clump hits you in back. What would you do then?
  • Do you believe in building rapport with students? If yes, how?
  • How do you encourage students to learn?
  • Can a student be forced to learn?
  • How will you handle a student who is intelligent but has behavioral and discipline problems?
  • How will you present a new thing/word in class?
  • Do you wish to use computers in classroom? How?
  • What do you think is the role of a principal?
  • Is there a clash between your insight of principal’s role and his role as your evaluator?
  • Describe your student teaching experience.
  • What subjects have you taught?
  • During your teaching, were you ever involved with a condition at school that involved ethnic tension?
  • If yes, how did you handle the situation?
  • What do you do when a discipline problem arises in your class?
  • Are you patient? Did you ever get angry with your student?
  • If you are given a chance to create an ideal school, what would it be like?
  • Do you like to face challenges? Back up your answer with example.
  • How do you feel about noisy classroom? How would you handle noise in classroom?
  • What is your educational philosophy?
  • What you like and dislike the most about teaching profession?
  • What will you be doing in five years?
  • How would you make a difficult phone call to parents of one of your students?

Writing a Teacher Introduction Letter to Parents

Teacher introduction letter is an important document as it lets parents know who is teaching their kids. It also helps making a positive first impression on parents. This letter should be written in a professional way so that parents may get inspired with your confidence, competency and proficiency. Here are some tips on how to write a teacher introduction letter:

  • In the first or opening paragraph, you need to welcome parents and let them know that you have an aim of spending a productive academic year with kids. Express your wish to work in cooperation with parents. You should make them feel that you love to teach and are very pleased to be a teacher of their kid. If you are going to teach in place of another teacher, mention starting and ending dates.
  • Next paragraph of the letter should contain your education and experience. Tell parents about your qualification and also mention how many years you have been teaching. It is also better to mention where you taught and what subjects and ages you have taught in past. In your educational background, you can add major degree along with areas of specialty.
  • In third paragraph, describe your personality by mentioning your interests, hobbies and talents. This kind of information will make parents feel that you are an active and interesting person who is lively and can bring the same life to classroom.
  • Finally, mention educational and social goals of yours. Tell parents when they will receive your classroom policies and other details. Also invite parents to get in touch with you if they need further information. Welcome them to give suggestions as well.
  • Include your contact information along with your type-written name and signature. Contact information may include school phone number, your school email address etc.
  • Before sending this letter, ask one of your colleagues to verify it for contents and spelling and grammar mistakes.

These were some tips to write teacher introduction letter. After writing it, post it on class home page on internet, so that parents can read as whenever they need.

Tips to Be a Successful Substitute Teacher

Being a substitute teacher may be frightening for some teachers. There is nothing to get afraid of. Here are some guidelines that can make you a successful substitute teacher:

  • The first thing that needs your consideration is your dressing. When you enter a classroom, students always notice your dressing first. You have to dress like an adult who deserves their respect. If you do not want to dress up formally, go for business casual at least. Do not ever think of wearing sneakers or jeans.
  • Know about all school regulation and rules. Before accepting a job as substitute teacher, you should know school policies. Students know all rules and regulations of their school and if they come to know that you are unaware, you will not get control over them.
  • Try to arrive at school as early as possible. Come into office and read any material left by secretary. After that, go to your classroom and study the lesson plan for the day. Also review register and seating plan. If you find that there is not much work to do for students to keep them busy, try to find an article in newspaper to be read and discussed in class.
  • Students will try to escape after knowing that they have a substitute teacher in their class. So make sure that any student who wants to go to bathroom or other dubious destination has a pass. Also check that student goes outside alone and comes back within appropriate time.
  • You also require keeping your nerves under control. You should not let students feel your fear and apprehension. If they will know that you are nervous, they will try to take advantage of this situation.
  • Enjoy your substituting experience. The more you enjoy, more the kids will enjoy having you as their teacher. They will remember and recognize you and next time, they will treat you with more esteem.

Secrets to Successful Teaching Career

Teaching is not only a profession but also a passion and way of life. So every teacher wants to have a successful and winning teaching career. Here I am going to discuss some secrets to a successful teaching career:

  • Being a teacher, you should think out of box. You should be resourceful. It means that you should constantly search new ways of teaching. Moreover you should try to equip you classroom with everything needed by students. Always remember that a resourceful teacher is never afraid of innovations in teaching methods. Being a resourceful teacher, you should keep your students engaged in your lessons. This will definitely lead to a long and winning teaching career.
  • A teacher should be adaptable. It requires great efforts and self-confidence on part of a teacher to change the direction of a lesson in middle. When a teacher replaces his own plans with what is best for students, he is said to be adaptable. When a teacher will be adaptable, he will be known as a better educator.
  • Teaching is somewhat a 24/7 job. Teacher needs to plan lessons, grade the papers and complete the forms. But long term success of a teaching career doesn’t lie in doing only these tasks. There should be a balance between work and life. A teacher should designate time to do the paperwork and stop this work when time is over. To keep the life balanced, teachers should also find time for listening to music or going for a walk. If a teacher is unable to maintain balance between work and life, his teaching career will be very short lived.
  • Continuous learning is also a secret to a successful teaching career. It is a great way to stay fresh. Moreover teachers can find new ideas and methods for teaching in a better way. Although approaches and practices remain the same, there are always some new things which need to be learnt.
  • Having fun is also a part of teaching career. A teacher should also enjoy teaching. For making students happy, a teacher can do different things. Students like their teacher to wear a funny wig or a bright scarf. Do not afraid of being colorful both in teaching and personality. The more fun you have, more successful will be your teaching career.

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