A Teacher's Personal Blog

We all know that teaching is a great career and a noble profession. This career also has some benefits which are perhaps not associated with other professions. Let’s have a look on benefits which you a person gains being a teacher:

  • Mostly individuals who pursue teaching as a career have a specific passion and goal in their mind. So this career gives them the right platform to express and share their passion and expertise with others as well.
  • Becoming a teacher will also enable you to play an active role in others’ life and inspiring them. These “others” mostly rather always are students. When you share your knowledge with students, you manage to influence them in a positive way which also enables them to shape their character.
  • Teachers create a significant difference in lives of students. For a particular student, a teacher might be the only person who has trust in him and encourages him to give the best. In this way, you can bring change in a kid’s life everyday being his teacher.
  • Being a teacher, you can bring some changes in classroom and whole education process which you wished when you were a student.
  • You can change future of education being a teacher. When you get enough experience as a teacher, you are asked to mentor new teachers. In this way, you can share your experiences, wisdom and knowledge with new staff members. By teaching new things to new staff members, you will also influence education of those students who will have that new staff member as their teacher.
  • Teachers also have an opportunity to enjoy new experiences every year. Since new students replace old ones at start of new academic year, teachers get a chance to teach new students and enjoy different joys and challenges as well. In this field, you will never get bored of monotony.
  • Teachers also have to work only for a reasonable number of hours. In other professions, you may have to work for 10 to 12 hours but teaching job is just for 6 or maximum 8 hours. Teaching profession gives you more time to spend with your family. Teachers can also use this time to study further for getting better jobs.
  • Teachers also enjoy job security as there is no downsizing and layoffs like in industries.
  • Summer vacations are not only an attraction for students but for teachers as well. Teachers enjoy vacations of almost two months. Some teachers use this time to travel while some others start doing additional courses to earn more money.

  Being a teacher not only renders you many benefits but also bless you with a satisfaction of changing lives of students in a positive way.

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