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Tips to Handle Violent Children in Preschool

Preschool children may show excessive aggression due to many reasons. Most common reason of violence may be that a kid may become annoyed on being sent to school. Kids may show violence and aggression by either fighting with other kids or biting others. In some cases, they can even want to damage a property. If you are a preschool teacher, you will be definitely aware of this. Every preschool class has one or more such students who are extra violent. Aggression in young kids should be taken seriously and being a teacher, you should learn to manage such children. Here are some tips in this regard:

  • Before taking any action, observe and monitor the aggressive kid regularly and carefully. Try to determine causes and issues that make him violent. You will find over-stimulation, frustration, stress and lack of speaking ability as some of major causes.
  • After knowing reasons of aggression, tell that child to stop this behavior at the least sign of anger. While asking him to do so, keep yourself calm, firm and patient. Do not raise your voice while talking with a kid especially the aggressive one.
  • Start with a slight punishment. Give punishment of time-out to that kid for not more than 10 minutes. These ten minutes should begin after the kid is seated separately and became quiet. After this punishment, do not allow him to rejoin his friends. Instead ask him that he has to play alone for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After this light punishment, remind him that he should behave in an acceptable manner if he wants to rejoin his friends. Younger kids immediately learn from such reactions of teachers. Also teach them not to show same behavior again. For example, if kid has bitten someone, tell him that biting is bad and it hurts others. In most cases, a kid will understand and not do it again.
  • In this whole process, involve parents also and ask them what they do as a reaction of such aggressive behavior of kids. Assure them for your support and communicate with them to devise better ways to deal with this problem. Ask parents to employ some disciplinary measures at home also while in school, you can do your best to handle them.

Handling aggression and violence in preschool kids is not difficult. All it needs is parents support as well as appropriate measures taken by teachers.

Becoming a Good Preschool Teacher

Have you started your professional teaching career as a preschool teacher? If yes, then prepare yourself to cope with responsibilities and challenges that come with preschool teaching. To become a good preschool teacher, you can attend preschool teachers training programs. At the same time, you can follow some simple tips and guidelines to play your role efficiently. Here are some guidelines in this regard:

  • First thing which you should remember is that kids do not know how to stay quiet in class and listen to what their teacher says. So you can not teach them a lesson in an ordinary or traditional way. Instead, you should make your lesson interesting by turning them into a fun activity. Use games, songs and poems to teach young ones.
  • You should also know that every child has own capabilities. For instance, some kids can speak fluently while some others cannot. Similarly, some students can perform various tasks properly while some of them need special attention and care to do the same task. So as a preschool teacher, you should know caliber of each student and teach accordingly. Prepare your lesson that is appropriate for all growth levels.
  • Be patient and remain calm in class. Young children create mess in classroom. Some kids also start crying for small reasons. Some go wild without any reason. Being a good preschool teacher, you should learn to handle all such situations. Try to know why a child acts in a certain behavior and then teach that kid in a calm manner.
  • As a preschool teacher, you should also be aware of educational and developmental problems of kids. Some students may need special help and assistance due to any problem. Try to solve their problems. Preschool teachers have not enough skills to teach special students but still they can identify them and refer them to somewhere else for their proper education.
  • Adopt a teaching method which can prepare students for elementary level. This not only includes teaching basics but also it means to teach proper behaviors and attitude. For example, you should teach a kid how to sit silently in class and how to follow directions of a teacher.
  • Also prepare your students to meet daily life challenges. Teach them good communication skills so that they can interact with their class fellows in a better way. Also help them understanding emotions and feelings of others. Help them learning the way of overcoming their thoughts and emotions.

That was a bundle of tips which you can follow to become a good preschool teacher. Besides following these tips, take care of yourself to meet challenges you may face in a preschool classroom. Get a sound sleep at night to perform next day’s tasks efficiently.

Tips for Teachers to Have a Safe Preschool Classroom

A preschool teacher has more responsibilities than other teachers in terms of caring little ones. Preschoolers are too young to understand the good or bad, so being their teacher, you should teach some rules to keep themselves safe in classroom. As a preschool teacher, you should create a safe environment in classroom. Here are some ways of making it possible:

  • One of the most important things you can do to ensure safety in preschool classroom is to supervise the kids constantly. Make sure that you are supervising your little students all the time especially during home time. As far as arrival time is concerned, it varies. Tell parents not to leave their kids in classroom if teacher or some assistant is not present in class. You should also make a rule that        on home time; only authorized person can take the kid to home.
  • You should make sure that hot liquids are not there in preschool classroom. Even your tea or coffee should be out of reach of kids.
  • Floors should be dry and clean and free from spills. Also make sure that toys and other objects are not scattered on floor. Furniture in classroom should also be arranged in a proper way so that kids do not face problem when moving around in classroom.
  • Preschool classrooms are often decorated with toys and stuff like that. All toys should be according to age of kids as well as safe. Safe means that they should not have sharp edges and they should not be too small to swallow. Playing blocks should not be placed at some higher place as kids may suffer head injury while trying to get them.
  • As a preschool teacher, tell kids that they should walk in classroom and not run. Teach them to put their toys back at their places after playing with them. Make sure kids do not throw toys on each other. For such purpose, your classroom should have special stuff toys and balls.
  • A preschool teacher should also try to stop germs from spreading in class. For example, if you find a kid who becomes ill during school time, take him/her to an area away from other kids and wait until parents arrive. To avoid getting germs, teach kids to wash their hands with soap before eating something and after using toilet. You should also take care that kids do not share those toys which they have just put in their mouth. If you want to be a perfect preschool teacher, you should think doing a course of giving first aid to injure.

Stress Management Guidelines for Teachers

Teachers live a stressful life as they have to care for students, work for good results and meet deadlines. This stress and hectic routine may affect mental and physical health of teachers. Teachers cannot perform their duties when they are under stress. Do you also feel the same being a teacher? If yes then read some tips given below. These guidelines will surely help you managing stress:

  • The best thing you can do to relieve stress is to take enough time for yourself. Don’t over burden yourself by working in lunch breaks. If you still need to work in your free hours, then set aside sometime for you at your home. There are various things which you can do at your home. You can have a good meal or go for a walk. Reading a book or watching TV is also a great idea.
  • Another great tip is to sit peacefully at your desk keeping your eyes close. It will help soothing your nerves and you will feel relaxed. When doing this, do not think about your work or home or anything else.
  • Exercise is a great thing to manage stress. Even a ten minutes walk in a day can make you feel relaxed and tension-free. You can make your exercise more enjoyable by listening to soothing music on headphones.
  • As you are a teacher, use your creativity and skills and write something without any aim. Writing your thoughts and feelings is a great way to relieve stress.
  • Reward yourself for the work you do. The best way to reward you is to buy something nice for yourself. You can buy a beautiful handbag, a shirt or an elegant wrist watch.
  • Keep in touch with other teachers and colleagues and discuss stressful matters and problems with them. Other teachers will give you better suggestions to cope with a particular problem and your stress will vanish.
  • Make a schedule and work accordingly. You can use a pocket PC or just a mobile phone to write down schedules, lesson plans and deadlines.
  • Always think positively about your job. Make teaching fun by transforming your lesson plans into interesting projects. You can also watch an educational movie along with your students.

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