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Being a substitute teacher may be frightening for some teachers. There is nothing to get afraid of. Here are some guidelines that can make you a successful substitute teacher:

  • The first thing that needs your consideration is your dressing. When you enter a classroom, students always notice your dressing first. You have to dress like an adult who deserves their respect. If you do not want to dress up formally, go for business casual at least. Do not ever think of wearing sneakers or jeans.
  • Know about all school regulation and rules. Before accepting a job as substitute teacher, you should know school policies. Students know all rules and regulations of their school and if they come to know that you are unaware, you will not get control over them.
  • Try to arrive at school as early as possible. Come into office and read any material left by secretary. After that, go to your classroom and study the lesson plan for the day. Also review register and seating plan. If you find that there is not much work to do for students to keep them busy, try to find an article in newspaper to be read and discussed in class.
  • Students will try to escape after knowing that they have a substitute teacher in their class. So make sure that any student who wants to go to bathroom or other dubious destination has a pass. Also check that student goes outside alone and comes back within appropriate time.
  • You also require keeping your nerves under control. You should not let students feel your fear and apprehension. If they will know that you are nervous, they will try to take advantage of this situation.
  • Enjoy your substituting experience. The more you enjoy, more the kids will enjoy having you as their teacher. They will remember and recognize you and next time, they will treat you with more esteem.

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