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Effective Classroom Management Tips

No doubt, teaching is a rewarding career but at the same time it is challenging. Especially new teachers find it very difficult to manage the class and maintain discipline. Actually classroom management is a skill which can not be learnt but practiced. Here some tips are given for successful class management:

  • As a teacher, you will definitely want to establish a disciplined and productive environment. To make it possible, create rules and inform students on limits and boundaries. Let them know that certain behaviors will not be tolerated in classroom. On first day of class, inform students about all rules along with consequences of breaking those rules. To help students establish your expected and desired behavior pattern, create routines and structures.
  • Enforce your rules without exceptions. To make it possible, adopt a positive reinforcement method. Reward those students who behave well and according to your expectations. Remark on good behavior of a student to other students in class. You can also reward the whole class for showing good behavior. Reward system does not need to be very expensive and elaborate. For good behavior or high grades, pass out stickers or play money etc.
  • Be consistent in terms of enforcing your rule. It should not happen that you ignore misbehavior of a student one day and very next day you punish a student for a little mistake. Your students will loose respect and esteem for you if you will do so.
  • If your one or more of your students are misbehaving in class, try to know reason behind it. Reasons for misbehavior are many. Some students simply want attention while some have other problems. Try to help such students out with cooperation of other teachers in school. Boredom in class can also lead to misbehavior so to avoid it, keep the students busy. Create interesting assignments and activities for students.
  • Being a teacher, you can stop disruptions in class with a little humor. Teachers often confuse humor with mockery and sarcasm. Humor can make the situation better while sarcasm can spoil your relationship with your students.
  • Always be excited and fervent about whatever you do in class. Your excited and engaged behavior will encourage your students to do the same. If you are exhausted, even then pretend to be positive to enjoy your activities.

In spite of following above given tips, if you still fail to manage your class, don’t feel hesitation to ask for help. Experienced teachers would definitely have more tips and tricks to manage a class.

Tips to Become a Successful Teacher

Becoming a teacher requires facing a lot of challenges. A number of training programs are there to help teachers but at last a teacher himself has to do hard work to become successful. Here I am giving some tips to become a great and successful teacher:

  • To become a good teacher, you need to be prepared and organized. If you will organize your lessons in advance, you will find it easy to convey it to your students. At the same time, students will find their lesson interesting and easy. A disorganized lecture given by a teacher is recognized at once by students and they respond to it in form of losing interest.
  • A good teacher always uses a number of ways and modes to convey what he wants to teach. Some common modes of teaching may include making a group of students. A teacher can use other ways to create interest as well. For example, different books, dance and even music can be used as a mode of teaching.
  • To become a successful teacher, you will need to be patient. Being a teacher, you may have to face criticism by parents and other teachers as well. In this case, you will require being positive towards criticism. Take it as an opportunity to make adjustments and betterments instead of taking it as a personal attack. Teacher should also accept praise and admiration graciously.
  • Show care for your students. You can do this by listening to their problems, offering a compliment, passing a smile or patting them on shoulders. This attitude of yours will create a comfortable and friendly environment and students will become more expressive. They will ask questions with confident and hence will learn new things. Attitude of care and love should also be used with parents of students as well.
  • Address your class as a whole and do not point out a single student. If you will scold a student in front of all others, he will feel embarrassed and will turn against you. If you need to scold a child directly, do it privately.
  • Sometimes classroom becomes a place of tension and anxiety especially when you teach a rigid subject. To handle such classroom situation, use a good sense of humor. Laughing or smiling occasionally decrease distress and anxiety among students. Also encourage your students to join you in this. But make sure that all this should be within discipline and integrity of a classroom.
  • A good teacher never gives up. A successful teacher always encourages his students to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Being a teacher, if you will give up, your students will also find failure as the last option.
  • You should remain positive to show every student that you are confident to do anything. As a result, your students will adopt the same attitude. Their behavioral problems will reduce and entire class will work collectively to attain goals set by you.

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