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Summer Job Options for Teachers

Summer vacations are great time for teachers to make some extra money. Teachers try to seek creative but easy jobs to do in summer vacations so that they can make money and enjoy holidays at the same time. Here I am going to give you some options of jobs which teachers can avail in summer time:

  • Teachers can do a sort of seasonal work at state parks. When it’s too hot in summer, people come out of their homes to spend sometime in state parks. At this time of year, state park authorities also look for impermanent workers for summertime jobs. They need temporary workers and hire people for this job with an understanding that these workers will be on a leave until next summer. Seasonal workers are paid a handsome amount for this job so you can avail this opportunity if you want to make some extra money.
  • Summer time is also especially known for enjoying swimming. Every year a lot ok kids are ready to learn swimming. You can spend your summer in waters as you can teach swimming to kids and adults alike. You can teach both beginning and advanced courses for swimming but it all depends on your expertise. If you also have experience of being a lifeguard, it is a plus point for you and it will help you finding a better job. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can go private and teach lessons by accommodating a class in your home.
  • You can also provide your services as a camp counselor. In this way, you will have a chance to teach a different kind of classroom. Instead of teaching ABC or 123, you will be teaching how to develop skills to live outdoors. Isn’t it interesting????? You will also avail an opportunity of spending great time outdoors and going back to school with a refreshed mood.
  • You can also join summertime food programs and offer lunches and dinners to kids living in poor areas. Join any of the programs you like and help the suffering. In this job, you may be paid less but the satisfaction gained is matchless.
  • Pool parties are at their swing in summer time so pool stores do a flourishing business. You can join a party business and become responsible for providing supplies to various locations. It is a cool idea to work in hot days of summer. Isn’t it???

Tips for New Teachers on Classroom Seating Arrangement

Considering seating arrangement of students in class is very important especially for new teachers. If bad students sit next to good ones, behavior of bad students may influence the behavior and character of good students as well. Similarly, if you allow a poor student to sit between two outstanding students, their good behavior may also change the nature of poor one. Si it is really important to take care of seating arrangement of students in class. Here are some guidelines in this regard:

  • Size and shape of classroom plays an important role in deciding what you can do with the seating arrangement. There are a number of factors that can affect seating arrangement of classroom so try to consider as many factors as possible.
  • Consider what type of activities you class will be doing. If you want your students to work in groups, you will have to adjust the seating arrangement accordingly.
  • Also decide how much you like to move around in classroom. If you like to move to different areas of classroom while giving lesson, you should arrange seats in a way that creates enough space for you. If you will not consider this, you may collide with objects and students and you will lose focus on your lesson.
  • If you like students to discuss lesson with each other, arrange seats so that students may face each other. Students will find it difficult to discuss if they will have to stare at each others’ back.
  • Keep in mind the position of whiteboard. If you use whiteboard a lot, make sure that chairs are facing it. If you also use a projector along with a white board, you should position chairs in a way that students may not have to face trouble in order to pay attention to your lesson.
  • If you have students with special needs, take them into consideration and allow them sit in front row. It is for those students who have vision problem. If a student sits on wheel chair, allow him sit on front corner.

After considering all above factors, you will be able to create a seating arrangement that will definitely work for you. If you need to change arrangement during the year, do not worry about it as little changes are necessary.

What a Teacher Should Wear?

Being a teacher, your day is full of hustle and bustle. In such a busy routine, one wants to be dressed up simply and casually. But teachers are professionals and they need to be dressed like professionals. As a teacher, you have to deal students, parents, colleagues and administrators. All of them trust you to be a mature, professional, competent and capable person. To live up to their expectations, you should dress appropriately. Among all teachers’ tips that you will get throughout your career, teacher’s tips on dressing will remain on the top. Some of these great tips are given below:

  • One of the most important dressing tips is not to look like your students. Regardless of what grade you teach, you are a professional and therefore you should not use pants and shirts that are cut low.
  • Your dress should be simple especially if you are an elementary teacher. You have to deal with a lot of kids so you should dress simply. If you are a female teacher, wear minimum jewelry. You will always want your expensive and classy jewelry to be kept safe so leave it at home and do not wear it in school.
  • Being a female teacher, avoid wearing tight and adhesive tops and short skirts. In other words, your clothing should be less distracting. Similarly, men with strong and prominent muscles should avoid showing them by wearing such clothes. You should remain stylish yet sober because parents consider you as a wise and mature person who guides their kids in the right way.
  • It is also recommended that sleeveless does not look appropriate in a classroom as it looks too casual. Always look for sleeved clothes to wear in classroom to have a mature look. If you are young and just started your career, you will have to work even harder to present yourself as a mature person.
  • Do not go in classroom with all the cosmetics applied on your face. Believe me; having a peacock palette on your face will not look appropriate in classroom. Use bright colors in home and parties only.
  • Avoid trendy and high heel shoes in classroom. Go for simple flat shoes that are also comfortable. If you have to do some sporting activity with kids, wear shoes accordingly.

While dressing, do not stick to the youthful side of your personality. In school, remain simple and create a respectful image of yourself.

Non-Verbal Methods to Control a Class

The way a teacher looks moves and holds his body has a deep effect on students. Body language and gestures of a teacher give a clear message to students how is he feeling. So mastering in using body language is necessary for a teacher to control his class. Here are some non-verbal methods which a teacher can use to gain control over his class:

  • The first and most effective non-verbal method to control a class is moving around in room. In this way, a teacher keeps an eye on every student and students do not get a chance to whisper and gossip with each other. This attitude of a teacher prevents students from making mischievous plans and gives a message that whole class is in teacher’s control.
  • Students notice their teacher deeply and look for a moment when the teacher looses control. Some students also take advantage of such desperate gestures of their teachers. So teachers are needed to be aware of their postures and gestures and avoid doing anything that shows over aggressiveness.
  • Eye contact can also become a method to control a class. Maintaining eye contact for a few seconds can show whether a teacher is happy or angry.
  • Teachers should be aware of what is going on in all parts of a classroom. If a student is found doing something wrong, he/she should be pointed out at once to show that teacher is seeing him/her. It all means that a teacher should have eyes in back of head. A teacher should show with his behavior that volition of class discipline will never be tolerated.
  • To maintain students’ involvement, smooth and effective transitions play an important role. If a teacher will give unclear and confusing directions with lengthy explanations, he will be failed to gain students’ attention.
  • Students’ misbehavior starts when they experience boredom. To reduce this boredom, teacher can show a feeling of progress with his behavior. Teacher should show enthusiasm to create the same in students.

If above mentioned methods are applied, a vital and positive change can be seen in students. Body language is always more powerful than what we speak. So a teacher should use these methods to gain control over class instead of raising voice.

Problems Faced by Teachers in Classroom

Teachers may have to face a lot of distractions in classroom daily. They may have to deal with uninterested students or they may suffer from burden in absence of parents support. But good teachers always remain committed to their profession and try solving these problems. The most common problems faced by teachers in classroom include the following:

  • Young students often show an ignoring and neglecting behavior as they do not know the importance of education. Such uninterested and unmotivated students cause frustration in teachers and are a real challenge. Teachers can overcome this problem by understanding what their students are interested in. Teachers can then help their students achieving their goals by encouraging them.
  • Disrespectful behavior from students is also a problem teachers usually face. Especially teens of this era show such behavior to their teachers as they see disrespectful attitudes towards teachers in different movies or shows.  If teachers want to solve this problem, they should involve parents in this matter and encourage them to become involved in their child’s educational issues. When parents will become involved in all this, they will teach their kids to respect their teachers.
  • Teachers also complain about lack of parental cooperation and guidance with them. A student can become successful only when parents support his teachers. But in fact, parents start attacking teacher when they hear complain from their kid against teacher. Parents like to defend their child without knowing their child’s behavior and problems.
  • One of the toughest competitors of teachers in classroom is the cell phone. Vibration and ringing bells and students texting their peers cause distraction. Although cell phones are strictly prohibited in classroom, some students still bring them regardless of the consequences. Such students should be dealt with an appropriate behavior according to their age group.
  • Technology has become an essential part of education so classrooms today are equipped with computers. Computers are provided to students to get help and knowledge online and make assignments. But some students start misusing computers for personal purposes. The best way to overcome this problem is to monitor students strictly while working in computer lab.
  • Sleep deprived and lethargic students are quite irritating for teachers. Such students find it difficult to concentrate on lecture and appear bored. Lethargy and exhaustion may be caused by many factors one of which is doing job in parallel to studies. To solve this problem, teachers need to talk to students and their parents as well.
  • Teachers are sometimes afraid to discipline a student because of risk of lawsuit if they fail to handle situation correctly. Teachers     require support of parents, administration and school board in this regard.
  • Teachers must prepare preschool lesson plan in order to co-op with the challenges of teaching students in a systematic way.

Teachers have a great responsibility and to meet this responsibility, teachers need support and help. Parents and school administration should communicate properly with teachers for betterment of students and class discipline.

Tips to Become a Confident Teacher

Being a teacher you may even work beyond your comfort zone. This can make you feel less confident and nervous. If you are anxious about a new situation or you have to teach something new, you can find a number of ways to gain confidence. Remember that if you will feel yourself confident, kids will also have confidence and faith in you. Here are some tips to become a confident teacher:

  • Always be prepared. It is not always possible to be prepared for everything but if you know about a situation in advance, you can get prepared for it to appear more confident. If you have done enough preparations, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Give importance to your gestures and postures. You should walk tall and confident. Make sure that you are standing straight. If you are scared you will become cower. All you need to overcome your shyness is to walk tall and straight. Doing this will add confidence in your personality.
  • Set classroom rules from the very first day. Prepare a comprehensive lesson plan using a good quality lesson plan template available online. Let students understand what you expect from them. Convey your demand in a calm and confident way. Convey your message in a way that makes it easy for students to remain disciplined even if you are not in classroom. When you will set certain rules, students will definitely understand that you are expecting respect from them.
  • Confidence should also be apparent in your voice tone. Convey your message in a confident tone regardless of whether you are sure about what you say or not. Never try to be a church mouse. If you will speak in a firm tone, your message will be heard and acted upon. If you have a polite voice, practice to speak firmly.
  • If you are loosing control over a situation, never get panic. The best thing you can do in this situation is to step back and take a few deep breaths. Have a photocopy of lesson plan in hand so that you may get help from it if you totally go blank. After getting relaxed, regain control of lesson authoritatively.
  • Don’t shout on students if they are not listening to you. Shouting will make you frustrated. Instead of it, stand calmly and silently and wait for sometime. You will see power of this tool within very short time.
  • Maintain a strict teacher-student distance to look confident. Do not let your students talk to you off topic. Be professional because breaking professional barriers will make it difficult for you to gain respect of your class.
  • To show you are confident, demonstrate your knowledge and go beyond routine lesson plan. You should show your students that you know more about topic than they do.

I hope that these tips will really work for you and make you a confident and successful teacher.

Effective Methods for Teaching Math

Teaching math is a little bit tricky. But if some interesting techniques are used, same teaching math can be a great fun. Here are some effective techniques and methods which you can use to teach math:

  • Food items can easily be used to teach mathematical concepts. It seems strange but it is a fact. If you don’t believe this then use a pizza to teach fractions to students. Students will visually see a whole and then its parts or fractions when you will cut pizza into slices. Similarly, you can use chocolate beans and jellies to help students learn subtraction, addition, multiplication and division as well. Ask kids to bring such interesting items for next day’s lecture. Kids will love to do this and they will find math as the most interesting subject. Another interesting thing! Kids can even eat food items when lesson is over.
  • Many kids find it difficult to learn math without seeing an example from real life. For example, to teach time to kids, you can use a small clock. Move its minute and hour hands to teach time to kids. If you are teaching kids about money, you can set a small stall having real items with price tags. Let every student to come to this stall and discover whether he/she has enough money to buy a particular item. You can also teach them hoe much money they would receive as change on buying an item.
  • You can also make pairs of students to help them study math as collectively. At the end of each math class, let the pairs to practice math concepts with each other’s help. This will motivate students and they will find it interesting to do math with their partner. Math is a rigid subject and it should be best learnt when done with help of peers.
  • If possible, arrange field trips for students to teach them different concepts. For example, if you are teaching about measurements, take a trip to some bakery where you can allow students to help bakers making a dish with accurate measurements. If you want to teach something more about money spending, take a trip to a super store.

See!! How simple are these methods. Use any one of above to teach math in a way which is never used before.

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