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Tips for New Teachers on Classroom Seating Arrangement

Considering seating arrangement of students in class is very important especially for new teachers. If bad students sit next to good ones, behavior of bad students may influence the behavior and character of good students as well. Similarly, if you allow a poor student to sit between two outstanding students, their good behavior may also change the nature of poor one. Si it is really important to take care of seating arrangement of students in class. Here are some guidelines in this regard:

  • Size and shape of classroom plays an important role in deciding what you can do with the seating arrangement. There are a number of factors that can affect seating arrangement of classroom so try to consider as many factors as possible.
  • Consider what type of activities you class will be doing. If you want your students to work in groups, you will have to adjust the seating arrangement accordingly.
  • Also decide how much you like to move around in classroom. If you like to move to different areas of classroom while giving lesson, you should arrange seats in a way that creates enough space for you. If you will not consider this, you may collide with objects and students and you will lose focus on your lesson.
  • If you like students to discuss lesson with each other, arrange seats so that students may face each other. Students will find it difficult to discuss if they will have to stare at each others’ back.
  • Keep in mind the position of whiteboard. If you use whiteboard a lot, make sure that chairs are facing it. If you also use a projector along with a white board, you should position chairs in a way that students may not have to face trouble in order to pay attention to your lesson.
  • If you have students with special needs, take them into consideration and allow them sit in front row. It is for those students who have vision problem. If a student sits on wheel chair, allow him sit on front corner.

After considering all above factors, you will be able to create a seating arrangement that will definitely work for you. If you need to change arrangement during the year, do not worry about it as little changes are necessary.

Mistakes Made By New Teachers

Teachers have to be very careful in the beginning of their career. They have to work really hard to avoid general difficulties that can make their professional life complicated and harder. In spite of hard work, new teachers can not avoid some common mistakes. Here is a list of some common mistakes made by new teachers. Being a new teacher, you should avoid doing these mistakes:

  • New teachers always want to be most favorite teachers of their students. This wish of new teachers sometimes damages their ability to control their class. Teachers should try earning respect and appreciation of their students but by setting some limits and boundaries. Remember that you can be friendly enough to your students without becoming their friend. BE kind and caring and still remain professional.
  • New teachers often face trouble because they do not have set of rules and guidelines. This should be a teacher’s first priority. So create a set of classroom rules and behavior expectations on the very first day of class. To apply these rules, you can also give examples to students. You should make sure that students know consequences of breaking those rules.
  • New teachers also make a mistake to bring problems of school to their home. If you are also a new teacher, avoid doing this because you also need sometime to relax. There is no need to bring papers and homework to home for marking grades. Instead of it, make a schedule and act accordingly.
  • Ignoring small problems is another big mistake made by new teachers. So take care of small issues immediately with suitable response. For example, if a student is whispering during lecture, attract student’s attention and respond by making a strong eye contact or shaking your head angrily.
  • Another mistake is taking part in school “politics”. Do not become involved in it. Stay away from staff controversies and irrelevant gossips.
  • If you are new, it does not mean that you have to say YES in response to everything asked. Learn to say NO in a polite and soft way. Try to limit your responsibilities in first year of your career to concentrate on teaching a class. But do not avoid assuming important responsibilities.
  • Teachers think themselves a failure if students do not live up to their expectations. Do you think the same? Do not think like that. Rather you should understand that students in a class have varying abilities and different backgrounds. How can they all react in a same way? The best way to deal with this problem is to analyze yourself and find where you are lacking.
  • New teachers always feel hesitation while asking for help. Remember that new teachers need support and guidance from their seniors. So do not avoid asking for help.

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