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Effective Methods for Teaching Math

Teaching math is a little bit tricky. But if some interesting techniques are used, same teaching math can be a great fun. Here are some effective techniques and methods which you can use to teach math:

  • Food items can easily be used to teach mathematical concepts. It seems strange but it is a fact. If you don’t believe this then use a pizza to teach fractions to students. Students will visually see a whole and then its parts or fractions when you will cut pizza into slices. Similarly, you can use chocolate beans and jellies to help students learn subtraction, addition, multiplication and division as well. Ask kids to bring such interesting items for next day’s lecture. Kids will love to do this and they will find math as the most interesting subject. Another interesting thing! Kids can even eat food items when lesson is over.
  • Many kids find it difficult to learn math without seeing an example from real life. For example, to teach time to kids, you can use a small clock. Move its minute and hour hands to teach time to kids. If you are teaching kids about money, you can set a small stall having real items with price tags. Let every student to come to this stall and discover whether he/she has enough money to buy a particular item. You can also teach them hoe much money they would receive as change on buying an item.
  • You can also make pairs of students to help them study math as collectively. At the end of each math class, let the pairs to practice math concepts with each other’s help. This will motivate students and they will find it interesting to do math with their partner. Math is a rigid subject and it should be best learnt when done with help of peers.
  • If possible, arrange field trips for students to teach them different concepts. For example, if you are teaching about measurements, take a trip to some bakery where you can allow students to help bakers making a dish with accurate measurements. If you want to teach something more about money spending, take a trip to a super store.

See!! How simple are these methods. Use any one of above to teach math in a way which is never used before.

Useful Tips for New Math Teachers

When it comes to think about a math teacher, students always think of a strict and boring person. So starting out as a new math teacher is always nerve-racking and frightening. Math teachers find it very difficult to impress students. Here some tips are given for new math teachers. Following these tips will make it easy for you to win trust of your students:

  • Remember that every new thing seems to be scary and difficult so when you will stand up to teach math, you will be a bit scared and nervous. To overcome this situation, most of teachers try to look serious and show a frowning face. It is absolutely wrong. A frowning and serious looking teacher discourages students and makes them afraid. On the other hand, a little bit of humor can make students feel relaxed.
  • Teaching students in a light mood is necessary but at the same time you must have full control over your class. Establish class rules on the very first day instead of having problems all year long. Let your students know that what kind of behavior is acceptable in class and what will not.
  • Make groups of students during math class. Students will find it easy to learn and study math when they will have a partner with them. If this happens smoothly in class, it will create an organized class as well. At the end of term, you can also have competitions among different groups to evaluate each.
  • Try to identify general math problems your students are confronting with. Help them overcome those problems and motivate them in a positive way. If you will motivate your students, they will reward you in form of best result. For good efforts and good grades, reward students with awards or certificates.
  • Try to make lesson interesting to hold students’ attention because students may feel bored when same patterns and formulae are used every time. For making lesson more exciting, use everyday examples to teach. Be creative and allow your students to bring scrap materials from home to use in assignments and projects.  For example, for teaching metric system, ask your students to bring empty boxes and bottles from their home.
  • You should also specify a time for your rest and relaxation. If you will feel stressed, you will not be able to teach difficult concepts of math in an effective manner.

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