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Best Part Time Jobs for Teachers

Keeping current global recession in mind, nobody will think it unusual that teachers are also seeking for part time jobs. Teaching is a noble profession but on the other hand, many people find it uncompensated. Sometimes salary of teachers does not match with what they do in school. So in such hard times, teachers try to find a part time job. Here are some suggestions regarding part time jobs which teachers can do.

Online Jobs: One of the most convenient options in my opinion is online job. To find an online job, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. If you have some sort of skills and knowledge, you can easily get an online job. There are a number of sites which you can visit for searching those who want part time workers. Once you get a job, you will be able to earn money while working at home.

Coaching/ Tutoring: Tutoring is one of the closest alternatives for a teacher. Tutoring is same like teaching but here you will have to teach someone in one session. This session will last for an hour or more but it will actually depend on you. While tutoring, you can choose a topic or subject and focus on it. You will not have to give attention to different topics at the same time. One thing should be kept in mind while thinking of tutoring. You cannot teach any of your current students as a tutor as it may go against laws of your school.

Babysitting: Some people think it strange for a teacher to do part time job as a babysitter but this job is in very much demand these days. Nowadays most of the parents do job and daycare is not a convenient option for them. Babysitting is a good opportunity for a teacher seeking part time job. Try to find such job in your neighborhood so that it becomes convenient and accessible for you.

Personal Selling: This job only takes a short time of yours. You can become a member of any renowned company. You can sell products to your colleagues and friends.

These were some of the best suggestions in my opinion. But you should select that job which suits your skills and ease.

Summer Job Options for Teachers

Summer vacations are great time for teachers to make some extra money. Teachers try to seek creative but easy jobs to do in summer vacations so that they can make money and enjoy holidays at the same time. Here I am going to give you some options of jobs which teachers can avail in summer time:

  • Teachers can do a sort of seasonal work at state parks. When it’s too hot in summer, people come out of their homes to spend sometime in state parks. At this time of year, state park authorities also look for impermanent workers for summertime jobs. They need temporary workers and hire people for this job with an understanding that these workers will be on a leave until next summer. Seasonal workers are paid a handsome amount for this job so you can avail this opportunity if you want to make some extra money.
  • Summer time is also especially known for enjoying swimming. Every year a lot ok kids are ready to learn swimming. You can spend your summer in waters as you can teach swimming to kids and adults alike. You can teach both beginning and advanced courses for swimming but it all depends on your expertise. If you also have experience of being a lifeguard, it is a plus point for you and it will help you finding a better job. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can go private and teach lessons by accommodating a class in your home.
  • You can also provide your services as a camp counselor. In this way, you will have a chance to teach a different kind of classroom. Instead of teaching ABC or 123, you will be teaching how to develop skills to live outdoors. Isn’t it interesting????? You will also avail an opportunity of spending great time outdoors and going back to school with a refreshed mood.
  • You can also join summertime food programs and offer lunches and dinners to kids living in poor areas. Join any of the programs you like and help the suffering. In this job, you may be paid less but the satisfaction gained is matchless.
  • Pool parties are at their swing in summer time so pool stores do a flourishing business. You can join a party business and become responsible for providing supplies to various locations. It is a cool idea to work in hot days of summer. Isn’t it???

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