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My insurance representative Sue has recently resigned. Another broker has taken over. He delivered out a one-page letter to introduce himself.

The letter itself has to be among the driest, unemotional and many dull bits of consumer communication written considering that the typewriter ended up being created. It was a typical type letter that really said nothing. By reading it you may go in coma.

10 Dos-and-Don'ts of an Introduction Letter

10 Dos-and-Don’ts of an Introduction Letter

It had been a brief five paragraphs. The latest agent placed his title when you look at the appropriate places.

Exactly why am I so adamant about this?

With this brand new broker, I really do not believe it price his office much to send aside this mailing to any or all the records. I believe an in-house division handles the insurance company’s mass mailings. Probably from out-of-state.

Both you and I do not have that deluxe. We’re on all of our very own. We need to get adequate brand-new or extra business out of our messages to at the very least break also for the mailing and publishing costs.

If you’re struggling to create a letter of introduction to deliver off on a mailing-there are a few measures you should look at. And a couple of tips in order to prevent. Knowing exactly what you should do may help you conserve cash and get more business.

The 10 Dos and Don’ts of an Introduction Letter:

  • Utilize a postage stamp:

My letter came in a postage-printed envelope (not metered) and looked a great deal like junk mail we almost tossed it. Using a stamp or several stamps will decrease that cheap, junk email look.

  • Integrate a return address:

My letter’s envelope emerged because of the insurance company’s name on the top left corner and absolutely nothing else. With therefore small effort put forward it conveys that this mailing is truly maybe not vital most likely.

  • Pen a private salutation:

If you’ve got accessibility to a database, merge the recipient’s first name within the salutation. Everyone loves to be addressed by their name. “Dear buddy,” “Dear Sir,” or “Dear Neighbor” is much less welcoming.

  • Write in conversational design:

Just as if you were talking to a pal over coffee at Denny’s. You’ll write more from your center much less from your head.

  • Ensure that it is quick, sweet and specific:

Don’t make guarantees you can’t keep. Telling myself you’ll help me to with my goals and aspirations as mentioned within my introduction letter is too wide and obscure. I simply would you like to determine if you’ll fight for me personally whenever I have actually a claim.

  • Get to the level:

An introduction letter should make me feel great about me… functioning with you. It must provide me self-confidence in you. It should maybe not totally be in regards to you. Or just how wonderful you are. Or exactly how many services you can offer myself.

  • Who will be you?

Tell me personally a small about yourself, your family, and your association with your business. Don’t try to wow me along with your knowledge. I’m perhaps not interested.

  • Include highlights:

Your workplace team’s names, many hours of operation and email address should be noticed. Utilize underline, italics, CAPS, and daring to include focus or even contrast with the rest associated with human anatomy.

  • Where’s the telephone call to activity?

“Call us anytime,” is a waste of real property. You’ve already given them permission to relax. Anytime you let your audience to idle-they will certainly. Rather provide all of them an explanation to make contact with you right away.

  • The power of your signature:

My letter finished aided by the agent’s title, games, condition permit number, address and phone number typed underneath the close. Exactly how cool and distant. Where’s the connection? Your trademark could probably be the absolute many personal connection you can expect to have with your audience. Make sure you remember to sign in the base.

If you are a company owner enthusiastic about sending away any sort of letter, please comprehend that your specific audience will determine you by the content material. If you write a sanitized letter, people will throw it into the stack along with their junk mail. But if you compose an appealing letter – one which leads them to make a decision – they might end up taking you up on your offer.

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