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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 50,000 full time missionaries. Nearly all of those missionaries are youthful males that the chapel relates to as elders. They get on missions as early as get older 19. Feminine missionaries are known as sisters plus the very first age they go out is 21. There are also a lot of retired partners out serving as full time missionaries.

Write Letters to Your Missionaries

Write Letters to Your Missionaries

With many missionaries out preaching the gospel there are tons of people writing letters to their particular missionaries. Really the only type of interaction that people have actually with regards to missionaries is by letters and e-mail. On Christmas time Day and Mother’s Day missionaries get to help make a telephone call house. Various other than that, all communication is completed through writing. Some missionaries provide into the house, while numerous others are known as to provide in overseas places.


Regardless of in which your missionary may be serving, it is essential to write all of them letters. For anyone serving state side your letters will get to them in only a couple of days, while the people serving internationally have to wait a number of months to hear from residence. One regarding the shows of a missionary’s time will be look at the email and determine if there is any development from house. To their preparation day, which is when a week, they can check their email (when they have actually accessibility to a computer).

Are you currently using the time for you to write your missionary? He is far from house and spending his time in the service of others. It’s an incredible discovering experience as soon as the missionary is really dedicated he will learn and grow leaps and bounds. This is a time which you like to discuss along with your missionary. In your letters encourage him to help keep functioning difficult and be a strength to him no matter where you are and no matter where he is. Bearing your testimony usually in your letters is a good method to connect along with your missionary and encourage him inside the work.

During holidays and birthdays take time for you also deliver a care bundle from house. Missionaries love food, so send his preferred treat. Be sure to send sufficient for him to talk about together with companion. You are able to send him a picture record and a stack of letters from buddies and family members. Another fun present to send would be workout gear. This has to be small because of limited packing room that missionaries have, therefore anything like foot weights or a jump rope would be great.

Just take the time to write to your missionary. If you do perhaps not have a missionary then compose to a single of the missionaries from your house ward. A letter from anyone from home is much better than absolutely nothing after all. Missionaries will gain from reading encouraging words from people they understand and respect.

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