A Teacher's Personal Blog

Preschool teachers have the greatest responsibility as they are the first teachers in life of a kid. They have to shape the personality and character of a child. A preschool teacher should have ability to make kids excited about getting education. Other qualities which a preschool teacher should have include the following:

  • Preschool teaching is all about a combination of lessons and creativity. Creativity plays an important role in educating kids in their early educational years. So it all depends on a preschool teacher to use different things creatively to teach different things to students. A preschool teacher should be creative enough to find exciting things which can be used to teach alphabets and colors etc. For example, for teaching different colors, a preschool teacher can hold a fancy dress show. Same can be done to give knowledge about different festivals. At the same time, a preschool teacher should also encourage kids to use their creativity as well. A creative preschool teacher manages to create an enthusiasm in class with his unique activities and games.
  • A preschool teacher should also have an extra knowledge character building aspects of education. Preschoolers are in developing stage of their life so preschool teachers should have knowledge about early child development process. Moreover, a preschool teacher should also get some know-how about human behaviors so that he can understand children’s behaviors and emotional conditions. When a preschool teacher will know about developmental process of a child, he will face behavioral challenges in a batter way.
  • All teachers have great communication skills but communicating with a child of 4 or 5 years old is entirely different. Therefore a preschool teacher must have some extra ordinary communication skills. He should communicate with kids at a level which is understood by them easily. Preschool teacher must know how to understand what kids need, how to teach kids and how to be patient with kids. Extensive communication skills of a teacher also help him having good rapport with parents as well.
  • A preschool teacher has to use a lot of energy to participate in every activity of class. Monitoring kids of 3-5 years of age is quite exhausting and needs energy and enthusiasm. Deflating energy of teacher also affects students. Being lethargic, a teacher can loose patience due to which kids may get bored or even annoyed. A preschool teacher should know how to keep his energy at highest level at all the time.
  • Classroom management ability is quite obvious for any teacher. Classroom management is actually a teacher’s ability to control environment of a classroom. Classroom control can be achieved by setting appropriate rules, managing kids’ behavior and rewarding for good behavior. A preschool teacher should have good classroom management abilities to keep a balanced atmosphere. Using punishment as a classroom management tool is not a skill of a preschool teacher.

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