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Being a teacher you may even work beyond your comfort zone. This can make you feel less confident and nervous. If you are anxious about a new situation or you have to teach something new, you can find a number of ways to gain confidence. Remember that if you will feel yourself confident, kids will also have confidence and faith in you. Here are some tips to become a confident teacher:

  • Always be prepared. It is not always possible to be prepared for everything but if you know about a situation in advance, you can get prepared for it to appear more confident. If you have done enough preparations, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Give importance to your gestures and postures. You should walk tall and confident. Make sure that you are standing straight. If you are scared you will become cower. All you need to overcome your shyness is to walk tall and straight. Doing this will add confidence in your personality.
  • Set classroom rules from the very first day. Prepare a comprehensive lesson plan using a good quality lesson plan template available online. Let students understand what you expect from them. Convey your demand in a calm and confident way. Convey your message in a way that makes it easy for students to remain disciplined even if you are not in classroom. When you will set certain rules, students will definitely understand that you are expecting respect from them.
  • Confidence should also be apparent in your voice tone. Convey your message in a confident tone regardless of whether you are sure about what you say or not. Never try to be a church mouse. If you will speak in a firm tone, your message will be heard and acted upon. If you have a polite voice, practice to speak firmly.
  • If you are loosing control over a situation, never get panic. The best thing you can do in this situation is to step back and take a few deep breaths. Have a photocopy of lesson plan in hand so that you may get help from it if you totally go blank. After getting relaxed, regain control of lesson authoritatively.
  • Don’t shout on students if they are not listening to you. Shouting will make you frustrated. Instead of it, stand calmly and silently and wait for sometime. You will see power of this tool within very short time.
  • Maintain a strict teacher-student distance to look confident. Do not let your students talk to you off topic. Be professional because breaking professional barriers will make it difficult for you to gain respect of your class.
  • To show you are confident, demonstrate your knowledge and go beyond routine lesson plan. You should show your students that you know more about topic than they do.

I hope that these tips will really work for you and make you a confident and successful teacher.

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