A Teacher's Personal Blog

Teachers always find it difficult to deal with slow learners. Often teachers try to advise such students and get results by negative enforcement like punishment. But it is not the right solution. Teachers should give time to think over such students to reach a better solution. Following guidelines will help teachers to improve slow learners:

  • The more a teacher thinks about a student, more he gets the solution. Being a teacher, you should try to understand problem area. Problems may be a child’s friends and family or his personal condition. Psychological analysis will definitely give a reason why a student is not learning and help finding a solution.
  • Often a weak student cannot understand the lesson because he has not understood the previous lessons in previous classes. Therefore such child should be taught individually according to his understanding level.
  • Encouragement plays an important role in the success of a child. Teachers should find out strengths of weak students and applaud him with encouraging words.  If a child is given confidence, he will feel his importance and worth. Once confidence level of a weak student increases, he will improve.
  • Persuade a weak student to make a time table for studying. Sometimes students do not have a specific goal regarding their education. Teachers should observe such children and then inspire them to fix a goal for study and life as well. Help such student to make a time table so that he can do all things on right time.
  • Some weak learners also have a problem that they forget what they learn. That’s why such student loses confidence and he starts differentiating himself from good students. Teacher’s duty here is to give student tips on how to recall and how to write systematically.
  • Teachers always give importance to good and strong students in classroom. But it is necessary that a teacher should go to weak child and ask him personally whether he has understood the lesson. Teacher’s asking approach should be polite and not rude.
  • To engage the learner in habit of studying, teachers can give him questions. That is just a practice that can enable a child to learn on regular basis.
  • Weak students need special attention even after school hours. But teachers often hesitate to give extra time to students after school hours. If a teacher tries to give just one extra hour to a weak student, he will definitely improve.
  • Good and strong students in class do not like to sit with weak kids. This is another cause for no improvement in weak students. Teachers should prepare seating arrangements properly to let weak students sit with strong ones. Teachers can also ask strong students to help their weak fellows.
  • Teachers should also try to find if there are any physical or mental problems with weak students. For example, if a student is unable to write something from board, he may have some eye defect. Some kids may also suffer from physical problems which make them lazy. Teachers should find problems first and then treat children accordingly.
  • Try to be a friend to the weak child. When a friendship is built, student starts loving his teacher and after that child obeys whatever his teacher says. Here mystery of student’s success lies in understanding and friendship between teacher and child.

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