A Teacher's Personal Blog

A preschool teacher has more responsibilities than other teachers in terms of caring little ones. Preschoolers are too young to understand the good or bad, so being their teacher, you should teach some rules to keep themselves safe in classroom. As a preschool teacher, you should create a safe environment in classroom. Here are some ways of making it possible:

  • One of the most important things you can do to ensure safety in preschool classroom is to supervise the kids constantly. Make sure that you are supervising your little students all the time especially during home time. As far as arrival time is concerned, it varies. Tell parents not to leave their kids in classroom if teacher or some assistant is not present in class. You should also make a rule that        on home time; only authorized person can take the kid to home.
  • You should make sure that hot liquids are not there in preschool classroom. Even your tea or coffee should be out of reach of kids.
  • Floors should be dry and clean and free from spills. Also make sure that toys and other objects are not scattered on floor. Furniture in classroom should also be arranged in a proper way so that kids do not face problem when moving around in classroom.
  • Preschool classrooms are often decorated with toys and stuff like that. All toys should be according to age of kids as well as safe. Safe means that they should not have sharp edges and they should not be too small to swallow. Playing blocks should not be placed at some higher place as kids may suffer head injury while trying to get them.
  • As a preschool teacher, tell kids that they should walk in classroom and not run. Teach them to put their toys back at their places after playing with them. Make sure kids do not throw toys on each other. For such purpose, your classroom should have special stuff toys and balls.
  • A preschool teacher should also try to stop germs from spreading in class. For example, if you find a kid who becomes ill during school time, take him/her to an area away from other kids and wait until parents arrive. To avoid getting germs, teach kids to wash their hands with soap before eating something and after using toilet. You should also take care that kids do not share those toys which they have just put in their mouth. If you want to be a perfect preschool teacher, you should think doing a course of giving first aid to injure.

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