A Teacher's Personal Blog

Teachers live a stressful life as they have to care for students, work for good results and meet deadlines. This stress and hectic routine may affect mental and physical health of teachers. Teachers cannot perform their duties when they are under stress. Do you also feel the same being a teacher? If yes then read some tips given below. These guidelines will surely help you managing stress:

  • The best thing you can do to relieve stress is to take enough time for yourself. Don’t over burden yourself by working in lunch breaks. If you still need to work in your free hours, then set aside sometime for you at your home. There are various things which you can do at your home. You can have a good meal or go for a walk. Reading a book or watching TV is also a great idea.
  • Another great tip is to sit peacefully at your desk keeping your eyes close. It will help soothing your nerves and you will feel relaxed. When doing this, do not think about your work or home or anything else.
  • Exercise is a great thing to manage stress. Even a ten minutes walk in a day can make you feel relaxed and tension-free. You can make your exercise more enjoyable by listening to soothing music on headphones.
  • As you are a teacher, use your creativity and skills and write something without any aim. Writing your thoughts and feelings is a great way to relieve stress.
  • Reward yourself for the work you do. The best way to reward you is to buy something nice for yourself. You can buy a beautiful handbag, a shirt or an elegant wrist watch.
  • Keep in touch with other teachers and colleagues and discuss stressful matters and problems with them. Other teachers will give you better suggestions to cope with a particular problem and your stress will vanish.
  • Make a schedule and work accordingly. You can use a pocket PC or just a mobile phone to write down schedules, lesson plans and deadlines.
  • Always think positively about your job. Make teaching fun by transforming your lesson plans into interesting projects. You can also watch an educational movie along with your students.

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